Better English Pronunciation for Everybody!

From a practical point of view English grammar looks comparatively simple, and does not represent any real problem in understanding and learning, either for a native speaker, or a foreigner trying to learn English.

There are excellent books on the subject matter that can help you a great deal if you are interested in learning English grammar.

Pronunciation of English is a different matter. It may not represent a big problem for a child growing up in an English speaking family. It does represents a little bit of a problem for an adult foreigner trying to learn English. But this obstacle can be surmounted.

In some languages, like German, Spanish, and Finnish there is a close correspondence between pronunciation and orthography.

In these languages,  if you know how a word is spelled, at the same time you know how the word is pronounced.

In English there is not a correspondence between pronunciation and the printed form of the words.

I was, for several years, an English Instructor for adult students of English as a Second Language.

During that time I made a detailed study of how the words of English, which in the printed form carry a sequence of two or more vowels (like AURORA, BLOOM, CHOIR, etc.) are pronounced.

I felt further work was needed in this area in addition to the excellent material already available for learning English pronunciation.

I put the result of this study (all together with still other topics) in book form and accompanied it with an audio tape.

All my students studied this book and the audio tape and I am quite sure that helped them much in the progress they made towards mastery of English.

Then I also began offering this study to the general public.

Now I am very happy to offer this very same work to students everywhere.

I am offering a PDF eBook with audio in MP3 format.

You can find a more detailed description of this eBook and audio file at:

The text and audio can be downloaded immediately.

Only Text US$3.25

Only Audio US$3.25

Text and Audio US$6.37

Other topics that are included in this work are: homophones, silent consonants, diction, accentuation, plus several other important subjects, and word lists.

Beside understanding grammar and mastering pronunciation the student of English needs to learn enough vocabulary and idiomatic expressions to be able to understand and speak English with fluency.

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